Buckwheat flour

Buckwheat flour is oatmeal (crushed groats) made from buckwheat. Has a light brown, creamy shade and a characteristic pleasant aroma. It is added to bread to give it a special aroma; pancakes and pies are baked on its basis. It is a dietary product, an alternative to high-calorie wheat flour.

Nutritional value and composition

Contains minerals: iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper, molybdenum, manganese, phosphorus. A source of protein, flavonoids, vitamins B, E, A and PP. Scientific research has shown that the protein is especially rich in lysine and leucine. The glutamic acid content is minimal.

How is buckwheat flour made?

How to use buckwheat flour?

Bakery products from it are lush and aromatic. However, since there is not enough gluten in the product, no more than 20-25% is allowed to be added to the flour mixture. You can make low-calorie buckwheat bread as follows.

  • For 6-7 g of dry yeast you need 1 glass of wheat and 120 g of buckwheat flour, 1⁄2 tsp. salt, 65 ml of milk and 145 ml of water, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil.
  • First, a dough is prepared from yeast, water and a small amount of wheat flour.
  • After 15-20 minutes, after it foams, the remaining components are introduced into it.
  • For taste, add sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, dill, aromatic herbs, spices.

It will take about 3 hours to prove the dough in a warm room. During this time, it must be kneaded twice to saturate it with oxygen.

Bake in a well-heated oven at an average temperature (200 degrees) for 40 minutes.

Buckwheat pancakes

For thin pancakes, you will need 2 eggs, 1 glass of flour, 2 glasses of milk, 1⁄2 tsp. baking powder, 1 tbsp. vegetable oil, salt to taste, sugar.

Bake in the hottest pan.

According to reviews, the pancakes are extremely tasty and aromatic! This recipe can be used as a basis for making pancakes. Milk is replaced with kefir, fermented baked milk. Apples and zucchini are added to reduce calories.

Buckwheat biscuits

For cooking, you need a mixture of buckwheat and wheat flour (in equal volumes, 1 glass each), an egg, 250 g of butter, sugar, 5 g of baking powder.

  • Mix the ingredients until smooth.
  • The size of a walnut forms a cookie in the form of circles.
  • Baking time at 180 degrees 20 minutes.

Beneficial features

Increases immunity, improves overall well-being, and regulates digestion.

Contains gluten, which is needed to improve intestinal motility, eliminate cholesterol.

The low glycemic index of buckwheat flour – 40 units, allows you to introduce it into the diet of those suffering from overweight. Since it is slowly digested in the gastrointestinal tract, insulin in the pancreas is produced gradually.

It has a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism, helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Used for weight loss. Capable of removing toxins and radioactive substances ..

With a low calorie content, it has a high nutritional value, it is introduced into the diet of people who have undergone serious illnesses, operations.

The product is recommended for use if you are allergic to gluten. The minimum content of gluten allows it to be introduced into the diet of people suffering from celiac disease – an inflammation of the intestinal mucosa.

Cosmetologists recommend using products containing buckwheat to strengthen hair and nails. After all, she is the leader in copper content.

Rutin (a flavonoid) in the composition helps in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Promotes vasodilation, oxygen saturation of blood, lowering blood pressure.

Recommended for use in case of varicose veins, gout.

How is buckwheat flour made?

Where to buy buckwheat flour?

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Organic buckwheat flour from our partners is a product of grinding unroasted buckwheat grains. It is an excellent source of plant-based protein and essential amino acids. Buckwheat contains a large amount of iron, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium, vitamins E, PP, B. This is one of the most useful cereals.

The low fat content and high content of plant fibers make buckwheat flour a valuable dietary product. Regular consumption of buckwheat flour helps to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins.

Buckwheat flour is used to bake bread, pancakes, add in the manufacture of pasta and various baked goods. It can be used alone or mixed with other flours. Buckwheat flour gives the products a specific “buckwheat” taste and aroma.

It is recommended to store flour in a sealed bag or container in a cool, dry place.

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