What is the difference between green buckwheat and fried brown

What is the difference between green buckwheat and fried brown

Ordinary brown buckwheat familiar to all of us, which can most often be found on store shelves, is just thermally processed green buckwheat. Why is it fried? It is difficult to answer this question. After all, this happens not so long ago, about half a century ago. And people have successfully forgotten what buckwheat actually is, thinking that it should be in such a fried form. When you first tell a person that an ordinary product so familiar to us, which we have seen many times with our own eyes, is being processed and that in fact buckwheat is green, he is perplexed.

Having got used to the taste of fried buckwheat, people ceased to perceive its real taste. And in general, they stopped thinking about it. Nowadays, when the topic of healthy eating is on everyone’s lips, green buckwheat again began to appear in the assortment of different outlets and online stores. However, it is not always possible to buy it, due to the still low demand for it. People, out of a once-ingrained habit, continue to consume mostly fried cereals. One of the goals of this article is to tell you what the difference is. What happens to buckwheat after roasting. And also highlight the question of how best to use buckwheat so that it benefits the body to the maximum.

So, the main difference is life. Green buckwheat has a huge potential of vital energy that it can transfer to you. Fried buckwheat does not have this energy. This is a “dead” product, which, alas, if it is capable of bringing any benefit to the body, it is very small. And that’s why.

In green buckwheat, all useful minerals are in organic form. This means that they can easily be absorbed by the cells of our body. As a result of heat treatment, these minerals acquire an inorganic form, in which they are not only not useful, but to some extent even harmful.

Green buckwheat has absorbed a large amount of the beneficial flavonoids that we talked about earlier. Scientific observations have revealed that heat treatment partially, if not completely, destroys these substances. The most correct way to use this product is, of course, to eat it raw, and it is better to sprout it.

I would like to add that even if you are still going to use a boiled product rather than a live one, then it will still be much more beneficial if you cook green buckwheat directly than pre-processed brown buckwheat. The double processing takes everything that could be obtained from this amazing product to almost complete zero.

Features and benefits of sprouted green buckwheat

During germination, all the nutrients that green buckwheat is endowed with are multiplied several times. So, for example, there is 20 times more vitamin C in sprouted buckwheat. By the way, this vital vitamin does not tolerate heat treatment at all. When germinated in buckwheat, as many as five additional flavonoids appear, which help fight cancer. In China, sprouted buckwheat is already being used to treat breast cancer.

What other changes occur when a buckwheat grain germinates and why, in this case, the body easily absorbs all the usefulness of this product? Under the influence of its own enzymes, during germination, the proteins of green buckwheat are split into amino acids. These are exactly the building blocks from which your own protein is built. Polysaccharides and starch are converted to glucose. That is why sprouted buckwheat tastes sweet.

Who is sprouted green buckwheat recommended for?

What is the difference between green buckwheat and fried brown

First of all, it should be noted that green buckwheat seedlings can benefit people at any age. But this is far from the most important thing.

So, for example, thanks to the rich amino acid composition, which is abundant in green buckwheat, it is suitable for: a) athletes to gain muscle mass and increase athletic performance; b) children – for good growth and development; c) elderly people – to strengthen joints, bones and blood vessels.

The sprouts of the nucleoli will help to cope with the unpleasant problem of excess weight. Buckwheat is a low-calorie product. It contains a lot of fiber, necessary for the elimination of toxins and toxins. Moreover, in the germinated state there are even fewer calories, but there is more fiber.

Green buckwheat is prescribed for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

It will help raise the hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, as never before, the use of healing sprouts of green buckwheat during spring will come in handy.

Sprouts are recommended for diabetes mellitus. They will also support good liver and kidney function.

Green buckwheat sprouts are effective against cancer.

Due to the presence of B vitamins, this product has a healing effect on the nervous system. And thanks to the presence of such an amino acid as tryptophan, serotonin is produced, which is also called the hormone of happiness.

From all of the above, it is possible to draw an absolutely logical conclusion that sprouted green buckwheat has a beneficial effect on the entire body as a whole. Sprouts increase immunity and help to cope with the most difficult ailments of the body. There is only one condition for this. It is necessary to eat regularly sprouted live seeds, and chew them thoroughly. The maximum recommended dose for an adult is 5-7 tablespoons per day.

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